Funhunter 380

Model: FUNHUNTER 380
Type: motor and oars boat

Technical Data:
Length: 3,75 m
Length in feet: 12,3 feet
Beam: 1,75 m
Weight: 190 kg
Capacity: 4 person
Max. engine power: 19 kW
Oars: yes

Funhunter 380, is the perfect open boat, designed primarily for anglers and other lovers of spending time on the water. It is a 4-person boat, dynamic and at the same time safe and stable. Designed for inland waters and marine coastal waters. The product has a category C of boat design and has an interesting style with functionality which will make your life easier.

Standard Equipment:
• Lockers – one in the stern and bow of a large capacity.
• The drainage water from the boat – the system of notches in the bottom which allows water drainage outside.
• Central bench – made of laminate, solid, with same color as the color of boat with the possibility of its separation of the fastening. It has handles for two drinks on each side.

Optional Equipment:
• Foldable cabrio protecting against sun and rain.
• Steering console – positioned so that it allows for a comfortable seating position even if you’re tall. There is also room for additional equipment such as sonar.
• Mattresses.